We are in the era of technology. Every day, we see new advances in technology emerge in every industry. Things such as virtual reality, 3D printing, and artificial intelligence are becoming prominent in many industries, including the commercial construction industry. Here is a list of some of the biggest innovations and trends that are improving commercial construction practices today, making the industry  safer and more efficient.

Trend #1: Virtual Reality, Augmented Reality, and Mixed Reality in Commercial Construction

Virtual, augmented, and mixed reality are making a big impact on a number of different industries, and one such industry is commercial construction. As commercial buildings become more and more complex, commercial contractors and builders need the help of additional technologies to get the job done. VR, AR, and MR can help architects, general contractors, and builders improve commercial building designs and detect design errors. These technologies allow users to, in a sense, see through the walls of the building to get a complete understanding of the space. VR, AR, and MR can also help constructors create 3D models, improve BIM visualization, and provide a permanent record of the building process. They also provide a great interactive way for clients to explore the design before construction begins.

Trend #2: 3D Printing in the Commercial Construction Industry

Another innovative trend that is impacting the commercial construction industry is 3D printing. 3D printing allows for the prefabrication of certain construction elements offsite, or even on-site in some situations. This can reduce both labor and material costs as well as mitigate the amount of waste created at commercial building sites. Additionally, automated 3D printers can build construction components around the clock, which means construction isn’t limited to worker shift patterns. 3D concrete printing is starting to emerge in the construction industry, and this could have enormous benefits and save commercial contractors and builders a lot of time and money.

Trend #3: Robotics are Starting to Impact Commercial Construction

The use of robotics in commercial construction is still a new concept, but it may quickly gain traction and become more widely used in the near future. Robotic workers are starting to find their place in the commercial construction workforce and can perform tasks such as laying bricks and laying roads. By adding robots to the manual labor force, general contractors and builders can see shorter project timelines and improved quality of construction buildings. Robotics can also become very useful for the demolition of commercial buildings. Presently, robots used in the demolition of buildings are slower than human crews, but they perform the job much more safely and can bring concrete structures down at a lower cost.

Trend #4: Sustainability and Green Construction

Over the years, there has been an ever-increasing emphasis on sustainability in commercial building construction. Commercial contractors, designers, and builders are tasked with further reducing the environmental impact and sustainability of commercial buildings. Energy efficiency and low to zero carbon emissions are two of the major goals in achieving sustainability in commercial construction. Because of these goals, more and more innovations are emerging to help accomplish sustainability and green construction. For example, to improve thermal performance, construction materials are being developed that can insulate commercial buildings for lower costs than previous solutions. Additionally, many commercial construction builds are attempting to reduce and recycle much of their construction waste to achieve sustainability.

Trend #5: Prefabrication and Modular Construction

Prefabrication and modular construction solutions are not new, but after being unpopular for a few decades, they have been making a comeback in recent years. Prefabricated and modular construction elements allow for faster on-site assembly of commercial buildings and may even be able to provide higher quality finished products. These methods also help to standardize commercial buildings and ensure that they meet certain regulations. When modular and prefabricated components are used, commercial buildings can be finished more quickly, quietly, and with less waste. These methods are not realistic solutions for all commercial construction builds, but they can be useful for some.

Trend #6: Exoskeletons in Commercial Construction

This trend is not widespread, but it is slowly becoming more common. Some commercial construction companies are having their workforce use exoskeletons to increase their safety and efficiency. Exoskeletons allow workers to carry more weight and practice better safety when lifting heavy objects. The wide use of exoskeletons could improve safety and reduce the number of injuries on commercial construction sites. They can help commercial contractors and builders improve their bottom line because exoskeletons decrease the number of workers needed on the site to get the job done. Exoskeletons are a great way to reap some of the benefits of robotics without taking tasks away from the workforce.

Trend #7: Building Information Modeling (BIM)

Building Information Modeling (BIM) is the process of creating and managing all the information regarding a construction project. This process uses 3D models to visualize and keep track of information, and it is widely used by general contractors, architects, engineers, and other construction professionals. BIM has become the standard in many places because it allows everyone involved in the construction process to efficiently plan, design, build, and manage a commercial building. Other technologies such as augmented reality and virtual reality are now being integrated with BIM to provide an even clearer understanding of the entire construction process from beginning to end.

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