Location, appropriate zoning, water and sewer lines are just a few of the considerations that developers must review when planning a new commercial build. Businesses rely on Nella Constructors’ industry experience to accurately predict commercial construction project costs and time to completion. We’ll work collaboratively with your project leaders through each step in the process. We can even see your project leaders through everything from environmental testing and survey to platting and road improvements.    

With Nella Constructor’s pre-construction services, your project leaders will have access to our experience staff of project managers, estimators, and partners through the important preliminary design and development construction documentation phases of your project.  


As a commercial general contractor, Nella Constructors has extensive experience and knowledge which is offered through pre-construction services.   

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Nella Constructors team includes experienced personnel and major professional trade contractor experts who have significant knowledge, experience, and a long history of construction to assist in evaluating value engineering. Pre-construction services from Nella Constructors include: 

  • Pre-bid site survey 
  • Budget Development and Takeoff 
  • Determine options for value engineering 
  • Cost Estimating and cost-saving suggestions
  • Permitting 
  • Establish Pre-Construction Strategy  
  • Establish Project Schedule  
  • Identify Competitive Subcontractors  
  • Facilitate Team Meetings  
  • Support Owner and Architects 


Pre-construction is the foundation of all successful construction projects that are completed on budget, and on time. When you hire Nella Constructors for your pre-construction, you can count on strict attention to detail during the planning phase, the creation and maintenance of an effective and aggressive schedule, efficient cost management, and peak performance.