New Construction Design

The build or build-out phase completes the building and scope of a construction project and is the culmination of all the painstaking pre-build and planning activities. During the build phase of commercial construction, management staff oversee all details of the project, coordinate all on-site activities, perform necessary design changes, and perform periodic review checks for accuracy and quality of work. As an experienced commercial construction company, we understand the unique project management challenges involved in the build-out phase of construction.  

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Office, warehouse, hotel, and apartment building owners trust Nella Constructors to design, build, and deliver a better guest experience, enhancing the revenue generating ability of the building. Nella Constructors uses a balanced approach to retail and commercial building design, taking into account the critical elements of managing the commercial build processing including scope, quality, schedule, budget, resources, and risk.   

Building Codes & Structural Regulations

The key to any good building is a solid foundation. Your new construction will follow that path to success by ensuring all regulations for safety and structural integrity are built into your commercial building design.   

Your new construction project can achieve that solid foundation by ensuring your design meets all safety and structural integrity regulations. Working with Nella Constructors to design your project will ensure that your city or municipal building codes are secured before breaking ground.   

This assurance will not only save time during the building process but can avoid massive project cost overruns and ensure your project is completed at or under budget.   


Commercial building plans can be provided for a range of building size, styles, and designs, explicitly suited to your building needs.    

Design + Function

 Not only will you get a beautifully designed building, but one that meets your unique requirements.   

Custom Commercial Construction Designs

Every commercial construction project comes with its own unique requirements.  Nella Constructors is your experienced commercial construction consultant, helping guide you through the critical decisions based around budget, location, building materials, and building layout. 

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